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About Us

Mei&Chloe - Yoga pants

Like all great new business ideas, ours started over dim-sim and beers in Chinatown. 

We started talking about creating some activewear tights with bright, bold patterns that could cheer up any workout, and didn’t cost a fortune.  

With Chloe’s background as a designer, and Mei’s business mind, the partnership was a perfect complimentary balance. 

The idea for Mei & Chloe had arrived!

Two things were most important to us about the tights we wanted to make. That they were firm and supportive enough for us to wear running, rock-climbing or go paddle-boarding in, but also soft and comfortable enough for a yoga session, meditation or walk around the park with friends. 

We wanted activewear tights that were both stylish and flattering, and versatile enough to match our lifestyles. 

Inspiration for our prints came from the strong, unique women in our lives who all come from very different backgrounds and cultures, and some beautiful patterns and designs we’ve seen on our travels across the world. 

We hope you enjoy our tights and the feeling you get wearing them!

Mei & Chloe xx

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